Getting back to Primal instinct



So my previous post was about how it’s sad but I believe that survival instinct might be going extinct. People in this day and age take everything for granted. No matter how independent they think they are they’re still depending entirely on other people to survive. Don’t believe me? Look at it like this.

Okay, yes you have a roof over your head and you’re able to go to the store to buy food for yourself and your family. You’ve paid your bills so you have heat, water and electricity but what for? You are still dependent on someone else:

  • Contractor to put that roof over your head.
  • Farmers and Butchers for your food as well as the delivery drivers to distribute the goods.
  • Water company so you don’t have to go to the river to drink, bathe or wash clothes as well as the gas company to heat your home, for cooking and drying clothes.

This list can go on pathetically long. What would you do if all of these luxuries were to suddenly “disappear”? ex. Natural Disaster, Terrorist Attack, Electrical Grid Failure.  I’m here to help teach you how to get back in touch with the skills of our ancestors.

Get back your instinct!


1) Agriculture: A great starting point is Farming. I find it quite easy to get started on because you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Try to grow something edible, if you think you’re going to completely ruin it start with an herb they’re great for beginners. Also great to do with children my 2 year old son absolutely loves getting dirty in the garden. Here are some common beginner herbs to start with:

2) Hunting/Fishing: This one is going to be a little harder because you obviously can’t do these in your home. Do I hear a camping trip!? Camping is the best possible way for this portion of the instructions. I would without a doubt recommend you try fishing first, not only does it require less skill but it’s way easier to kill a few small fish than a big deer. Here you should learn how to either skin and process an animal and/or scale a fish.

3) Building: There are TONS of YouTube videos on how to build primitive shelters. You can use logs, mud or even clay! I’ve built a few shelters in near by woods as practice. Bring some food water and a friend, call it a day trip I’d suggest going as soon as the sun comes up as it takes awhile to get building as a beginner. (If you practice building shelters in your local woods be sure not to cut anything! Use only dead trees/branches to avoid killing healthy ones.)

4) Natural Resources: Last but not least is an ancient currency system, Bartering! With just a little research online you can gather useful resources by the tons if you know what to look for and be well on your way to some serious bartering. I’m not going to go too deep into this topic but I will give you a great resource that is unlimited and surprisingly overlooked. I think it might be productive to get out there to try to identify and gather a little bit of each resource I name, so God forbid if the time comes where you need to know it you’ll have nothing to worry about.

  • First we have natural coal, in my area it’s practically everywhere. You go to any state park and you’ll find lumps of it scattered throughout the trails.
  • Second would have to be clay as it has many uses in survival from building, making tools/pottery or shingles for a roof on your primitive shelter. It’s great because it is found in the ground just below the topsoil (at least around here) or over by the lake there’s a ton of it under the washed up stones.
  • Last but not least is going to be Salt! Yep I said it if you’re near an ocean you’re in luck as long as you have some kind of container. All you have to do is fill your container with the ocean water, build a fire under it and boil out the water until you’re left with salt. What I know from talking to folks living “Off Grid” it’s quite popular in their lifestyle for them to go down to the beach and boil out enough water for 10 lbs of salt! They say it’s so popular because of its preservative properties. They use it to dry out and preserve meat so it lasts a lot longer before going bad.

Alright I think I gave you guys quite a bit to go out and conquer so go give it your best shot! Don’t be afraid to comment with your stories of different skills you tried, pass or fail I want to see them!

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