Survival Instinct going Extinct ?

Survival, the human instinct that majority of us have lost. Will it go extinct? Only God knows. Neanderthals lived in harsh conditions through the ice age. Having to fend off large predators with sticks and stones, creating homes from limestone caves and converting to cannibalism when food wasn’t around but present day people get frustrated over the dumbest things. They see an animal outside of a cage and instantly resort to fear. What happened to the DNA of our less intelligent but much more heroic ancestors? Is it possible we might grasp it or will it be gone like the wind?

What do you think?____________________________________________________________________________________________


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8 thoughts on “Survival Instinct going Extinct ?

  1. As technology and society itself keeps advancing, it’s making things a lot easier for us humans. So in turn, we naturally become more lazy and dependent on what’s provided to us. I believe that we should have the ability to survive without all the extras of life. Because God-forbid, we no longer have these privileges, then what? We as humans won’t know how to survive.

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    1. Exactly why I was delighted to see Survival as a daily prompt. Same as you I too believe that the human race should be able to survive on the other end of the spectrum and believe we can it just comes down to who’s willing to. Which in my opinion I don’t think that’d be many.

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      1. Sad but true. Sometimes we make changes because we are forced to not because we’re driven to. I would like to learn how to survive without the help of technology or other common aids. I think it would be a hard experience but kinda fun! Lol

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      2. That’s true. Maybe my next post will be about how to get back to nature and survive without technology. You might have to follow me to find out, lol. At first it definitely is hard and surprisingly it’s more mentally demanding than physically which I believe is quite a substantial misconception.

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  2. The survival instinct is alive and well, but misdirected. You see it in people fighting to the death for their opinion in the comment sections of news articles.

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