Teavana Perfectea Infuser

Teavana-Perfect-Tea-Maker1Product Review Time!

Teavana Perfectea Infuser
When I purchased this Tea Infuser I immediately loved how simple it is to use and easy to clean.
Such an easy 3 step process!
All you have to do is:
Step 1. Add loose-leaf tea and hot water to get things started.
Step 2. Let it seep for the correct amount of time for as much tea you put in.
Step 3. Place the tea maker on your cup and let the delicious herb infused water fill it to your desired quantity.

It works amazingly well for people that have a strict schedule and follow it to a “Tea”. I obviously can let a good pun go to waste.
All jokes aside depending on your coffee maker you can configure it to your schedule. Determine the amount of water that’s needed to fill your infuser so you can prep it earlier in the day.
– Set your coffer maker to the desired time you’d like it to heat the water. Lets say a little before you go to bed.
– Put in your loose-leaf tea into the infuser and maybe some natural rocked sugar if that’s what you’re into, I know I prefer my tea on the sweeter side.
– Align the infuser so the when the coffee pot turns on it will fill the container without spilling.

There you have it you can now go about your daily routine knowing that when all is said and done you’ll have an amazing cup of tea waiting to relax your body and mind.

I hope this was useful and that you guys have an amazing day!


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