Detonation Cancellation


Motivational Monday

Daily Prompt
Here I’ll be sharing some motivational things as well as productive things to try throughout the week. I’m pretty sure everyone could use a little motivation now and then, I sure do. Someone once told me, “Your only limit is you.” At that time it didn’t seem like much at all but as time went by I thought about it more and more. They’re right you know. You’re the only one that can hold you back.

I have quite a humorous story to tell for today’s post. So earlier in the day I get up and immediately start working on things for this blog. The direction I want it to go, different topics etc. So I’ve been thinking about planning a vacation and it hits me! Why not do a post about traveling on a budget? How to Fly for cheaper was the main topic for this first post. So I do a little thinking and I come to the conclusion that I’m going to do “Travel Tuesdays” not only does it sound good but it has meaning behind it too; mid Tuesdays are when you’ll get the best deals on flights! There’s a little teaser for tomorrows post. I work a couple hours here, go outside to play with my son then work a couple hours more. Finally it’s around dinner time and I get done, only I’m not done I’m just beginning. In the midst of scrambling around playing with my son, going outside and surfing the web I’ve managed to delete the wrong file which held my “Travel Tuesday” post for this week. I was completely ready to detonate as I’m new to blogging and feel that I’m already off to such a bumpy start. I even almost threw the laptop because I was so proud of the work I had done and now it was gone never to be recovered. So I know you guys are thinking what’s so humorous about this? Well I remembered what someone had told me “Your only limit is you.” It gave me an instant mood boost and got me back on track when I was ready to give up. Then it came to me that I still haven’t finished a “Motivation Monday” post. If this story isn’t motivating I don’t know what is. I just thought it was so funny because I lost one post and was literally handed another, goes to show that your mindset determines the outcome of situations. I was furious from losing that other post and in such a crappy mood, but after stepping back into my power, remembering that I’m my only limit then and only then my mood took a 180 degree turn. I’m even feeling better than when I still had the post I was so proud about.

Moral of the story, don’t let the little things pull the pin on your grenade. When you’re feeling down just remember that ” Your only limit is you” you have 100% control of what happens if you just take a moment to step back and ask yourself “Is this really that serious for me to be frustrated about?” I hope that this is helpful at some point throughout this week for anyone who sees this. I hope you guys have an amazing day and an even better week!



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