Travel Tuesday – Cheaper Air Fare


Travel Tuesday

I’m super excited to cover this topic as I am a traveler at heart. Tuesdays will cover different ways to travel on a budget. Each week I will talk about saving on a different way of transportation. Today the main topic will be cheaper Plane Tickets. There’s tons of ways to save on travel that people don’t realize and i’m here to help!
First of all I would like to say Plan Ahead! You want to plan about 6 months in advance if you’re traveling internationally or about 3 months in advance if flying domestic. To get the maximum discounts. Always check Spirit Airlines! I have gotten amazing deals through Spirit in the past and hope to get many more in the future. They aren’t always the best so I recommend you always compare prices no matter how good the deals seems. Alright so I checked Spirit Airlines and for a round trip from an airport not too far from me, Niagara Falls, NY to Orlando Florida and it’s only going to be $110.00. I don’t want to discredit any other websites so I won’t name them but I will inform you that they are a big website that tons of people go to because they’re known for “getting deals”. I compared their prices with Spirit and what to you know its a whopping $240.00 for traveling to the same place on the same days except the more expensive ticket has stops? Where does that make sense? $130.00 extra is ridiculous, that could pay for a third of the hotel cost for the week! So definitely check out Spirit Airlines while comparing prices they usually have the best prices anytime I’m searching to go to Florida.
Let’s talk a little about times to travel, and times to purchase. Not many people know this but the best day of the week to search for the best deals on flights is Tuesday! I bet you’re wondering “Well that’s quite a random day to have deals isn’t it?”. You might be right, but who cares? They’re still deals! The reasoning behind this is because every airline posts their deals for the week usually Monday night so by around 3:00 PM on Tuesday all the other airlines have to compete with the new prices to keep their spot in the search query.


A few final tips on cheaper Air Fare

– Don’t be afraid to travel in an off season, I’ve heard Europe is just as amazing in the winter rather than summer and that you’ll save up to $500.00 in flight costs!
– Want to save a few bucks and add a little bit of adventure to your vacation? Get a layover! Most people hate layovers but you have to remember that they are cheaper and that a well planned layover can just add to your vacation. Just be sure not to venture too far and miss that flight.
– Similar to layovers flying through the night is also cheaper as you have to be up when you would normally be sleeping. I think it’s referred to as a “Red eyed flight”.
– Finally, don’t be afraid to do 2 separate 1 way tickets they can sometimes save you a substantial amount of money even if one is from another airline. If you think you’re organized and time oriented enough then this might be the best way for you.

Now that you have all this hopefully new found information, go out there at around 3 PM today and plan a vacation for about November – December to receive maximum discounts! I want to thank everyone that stops by to check out my page. Be sure to follow for more content to live a quality life. Don’t be afraid to share some travel stories either! Have a wonderful day!

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”Plane


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