The Man who Savors being Fearless

fearlessThis is something I don’t normally post about but I’ve always wanted feedback but didn’t know who to ask. This is something that I wrote a long time ago and I just ran into it yesterday so I figured I’d share it.

Recently, as I aimlessly drift upon my thoughts, I find myself in a rather dark place. A place colder than the frostbitten feelings of a numb mind. I’ve yearned for this event in past days but now that it is present I wish to banish it. This realm is significantly different from our world. True evil manifest here, but on the contrary this abyss might not be such a fright. You may do anything you want, your perception of reality is not the same. You’re not afraid to do things you’re normally afraid of. Death is always quite appealing and you look forward to it. Don’t worry it will arrive sooner than you might think, the last breath you ever take will seem much greater than your first. You constantly struggle with whether or not you want to die this day, or tomorrow, or the next day. Be patient the afterlife if reaching for you as we speak, it won’t be much longer now. You finally have the choice to do what you want because you are without fear. Only when fear is completely absent, that is when you are truly ready for the incredible chain of events soon to unfold. Remember, fear is a mans greatest weakness.

As you can tell, at the time of writing this, I was going through a bit of a rough patch but years later here I am doing absolutely great! I’m posting this in hopes that someone may take something from it to help themselves, you can’t let fear hold you back or you’ll live a life of regret. That being said I hope you guys enjoy this and have a wonderful day! Life is too short so go out and Savor being fearless!



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