Modern Day Treasure Hunting – Precious Metal

Modern Day Treasure Hunting – My Coin Roll Hunting Story

Hello guys and gals, here we are back at it again like we never left! I know I haven’t published in a while but i’m trying to change that. I’ve been super busy trying to get loads of things done for my family and I to reach one of our next HUGE goals (Maybe I’ll make a post letting you guys in on all the new things happening) but lets get back to business! Today’s topic will be quite different from the previous posts as it will not be a conspiracy theory. I bet you’re asking yourself “What the heck is today’s topic!?” Well it’s about Coin Roll Hunting! If you don’t know what coin roll hunting is, it’s the hobby of searching and sorting coinage pulled from circulation for collectible coins. This is achieved through obtaining rolled coin, boxed coin, or bagged coin from banks and credit unions.

I don’t know much at all about collectible coins but one thing I do know is that silver prices are steadily rising and predicted to leap in increase as gold has done. I’ve come across some YouTube videos and listened to friends talking about coin roll hunting for free silver and figured I had to try it! The idea behind getting free silver is that Half dollars, quarters and dimes made in 1964 in the US are 90% silver making half dollars silver melt value roughly $5.00 each, quarters $3.00 each and dimes $2.00 each. That being said you can go to your local bank and ask them for any half dollar coins they have and they’re obligated to give them to you at face value which means you search through rolls and rolls of the coins and which ever ones fall into the category of silver you can pluck out for yourself and bam, you’re in profit! Worried about what to do with all the other coins? Don’t be, you can just deposit them back into the bank as any other currency! There’s absolutely zero risk!

So the first time I’ve heard about Coin Roll Hunting it was probably a year or two ago and I was super interested in giving it a shot, I’m a firm believer in having a hobby or something to do in spare time that you love and if you could make money with it then it makes it even better! Every time I went to the bank I always wanted to just ask the Teller “Hey, you wouldn’t happen to have $100.00 in half dollar coins back there would ya?” but I wouldn’t because I felt it would be awkward asking such an odd request. After thinking about it and failing to follow through for 2 years I finally did it today!

I called the bank first to see if they even had any Half dollars at all and sure enough they did, told them I’d be over in a bit to come pick up $100.00 worth. I get there and they begin to hand me the coins in $10 rolls. At this point I’m super excited for my first hunt I have 100$ in halves and I’m ready to go! I get back to my house and start checking the years, I quickly become discouraged because they are all new coins 2001, 2002, 2003 etc. but then my last roll gave me hope a whole roll of 1980s. This little shimmer of hope made me quickly run back to the bank and get another $100.00 in halves. This time I had a bunch of coins between 1971 – 1980 so we were a little closer, but finally I see at the top of my last roll a 1964! Finally a 90% silver I was super excited because I was beginning to lose faith but it didn’t stop there I end up pulling out 5 more 90% halves and 10 40% halves I couldn’t believe it my last roll 16 out of 20 coins were silver! I’ve just made about $50 with just 2 trips to the bank that is less than 1 mile away from my house. I can’t wait until tomorrow to go get more to see what they have left because they seem to just keep getting better!

I just thought this would be a really cool idea to let you guys in on because like I said there’s no risk and it can be profitable if you are lucky. I’ve heard that it’s better to do this in random small towns for the best odds because the half dollars they have probably haven’t seen light in 10 to 20 years opposed to banks in bigger cities where half dollars are more circulated than one might think. I’m most likely going to go back to the bank sometime this week and get more then I’ll let you know how it goes! Thank you guys for checking this out, let me know what you think and don’t forget to follow if you enjoyed the content. Have a great day!

silver coin roll hunt

Modern Day Treasure Hunting – Part Two



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