Modern Day Treasure Hunting – Part Two

silver coin roll hunt

Coin Roll Hunting part 2
Hey guys! What’s up?? (let me know in the comments!) I know you’re already excited about this because of the title. You ready correctly, PART 2. What can be better than a coin roll hunt of making $50.00 my first time out? That’s right part 2 making even more profit! So you know a little about CRH (Coin Roll Hunting) from my previous post but you are about to learn a bit more. Lets dive into it!

So after my first hunt with searching through only 200$ worth of half dollars and making 50$ I was curious to find out more because it shouldn’t be this easy to make money right? So I do some research and find that on average people who CRH only turn up with roughly 30 silvers per year! With me finding about 17 on my first pick was so lucky but here’s the real kicker. In my last post I said I was going to go back to that same bank and take the rest of the coins they had, it ended up being $180.00 worth. I got home and began searching through them with my fiance. With the small quantity I didn’t believe we would find much silver but I also had hope there would be a lot because it’s “The bottom of the barrel” so to speak.

Roll after roll, found not one silver, after looking through about $80.00 of coins my fiance emptys a roll and I look up because I hear a high-pitched *pinggg* from the coins hitting together. Sure enough when my eyes reach the pile of coins I instantly see that majority of them are silver, 15 to be exact! I was so excited that I almost forgot that I had more rolls to search through. There’s 3 left and just as I pick up the next one I can see that the top coin is silver, me seeing this I got even more excited because I believe it might be another whole roll. I tear into the roll of coins and sure enough THERE’S MORE! In total from all of the half dollars in this bank I had found 53.

The search has just begun. This being my 2nd time coin roll hunting (my first time yesterday) I didn’t have the luxury of knowing someone that would buy them for a decent price. I ask a few friends and they’re not interested so I figured I’d take a peek on craigslist for one of those “we buy gold” post to see what price they would quote me. Luckily I ran into a collector of specifically silver instead because he was willing to give me $5.00/per coin and if my math is correct that’s $265.00 basically for free from the bank! Now don’t get me wrong because this is highly unlikely, on average people only find 30 a year. I’ve heard tons of stories of people getting coins once a week from banks for months and not find one silver so don’t get your hopes up because it really is like finding treasure, it’s hard to do.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my experience with coin roll hunting and It’d be awesome to hear your stories if you give it a try. I’ll leave this off here for now. Maybe I’ll try this again in the future at my other bank and make a post about it if I find anything. That being said thank you guys so much for checking this out like, share and follow if you’ve enjoyed the content or if you just want to give me a late Christmas gift because it really helps to motivate me to continue writing content when I see that you guys are engaging in my post. I wish you all the best possible day and hopefully you’ll hear from me tomorrow! Cya later!


Modern Day Treasure Hunting – Part One


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