The loophole to becoming Physically Fit

Hello guys and gals! I said I was going to try and focus more on Physical Fitness, Financial Fitness, and Mental Fitness so that’s what I’m going to do. I also am trying to get into the habit of publishing once a week just to get back into the groove of things so that’s my goal. That being said lets start this post off with some Physical Fitness!!

So here’s a little bit of my history with Physical Fitness. All throughout my life I always felt like I was “too skinny” I know it wasn’t true but that’s just how I felt because I wanted to gain some weight. I’ve tried every possible thing that I could to gain weight protein shakes, dieting, etc. None of this worked for me, It was established that my metabolism works double time. With ordinary weight gain you’re supposed to increase your calorie intake by double but since my metabolism is working so hard I have to increase my intake by more than that! This is tough to do between working and spending time with my 3 year old I can’t seem to find enough time to cook all of the meals that I need in order to gain my desired weight, so I had put it off.

Recently I’ve come back to this life long goal of mine through the help of my Fiance. Shes been trying these new products that are All Natural, affordable, and she’s actually getting the results she’s looking for. After I saw her increasing results I decided to take a look into the products and find out exactly what they recommend for their weight gain. I was super surprised to see how many products they had that would help me gain weight because that was usually a struggle too because most people are trying to lose weight not gain it, but of course I have to be the opposite.

After I took a look at the products I gave it a week, thought about it, and finally made a decision. I ordered some products!! I have 2 products that I should be getting in the mail within the next 4 days. I’ll be posting my results and what I think about these products throughout the month of January. I’ll also be sharing some tips and things that I’m doing to help gain this weight and also turn it directly into muscle the morning drink some water and get right into it because I find that if I wait till around noon I’m much less motivated to workout resulting in a shorter workout. I really enjoy the Calisthenics workout because it’s using only your body weight to workout so I feel like it’s kind of an All Natural way to workout because you’re not introducing anything foreign to the workout like weights. I think it’s amazing how you can still achieve the same results.

So this early in the morning I like to work on chest and biceps. When the workout is complete I’ll go downstairs to cook breakfast. A tip for dieting that I use wither you’re trying to gain or lose weight is when you go food shopping you change the way you buy. For example I used to just buy whatever I thought would last for the next 2 weeks but now I buy meals specifically for each day. I plan out every meal breakfast, lunch, and dinner two weeks at a time. It’s so much easier because you know ” All I have to do is eat this, this, and this each day and my goal will be achieved.” I think it makes a huge difference and makes it a lot easier mentally to complete the task at hand.
I’m currently running a fever so I think this is where I have to leave off today. I just had to post something because I haven’t in a while. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the day and I’ll catch ya later!



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