An Agile mind – Mental Fitness

Oh, hey there! I know, I know.. I said posting once a week was my goal and here I am yet again but who said you couldn’t surpass your goals?! I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to say in to days post but it just hit me, I said I want to focus more on being physically fit, financially fit, and mentally fit. I’ve done my last post on physically and since today is day #1 of no cigarettes for me I figure I can do mentally fit! Sounds about right doesn’t it?

Alright so before we get into it I just want to fill you guys in a little bit I know I’ve just posted my (Loophole to becoming physically fit) yesterday but most of it was written 2 weeks ago so I just wanted to give you a little progress update. I’ve started taking my new all natural supplement 2 weeks ago, working out a little bit, and eating way better than I have been in hopes to gain weight. So far in the past 2 weeks i’m up 7 pounds which might not seem like a lot but it is HUGE for me, I’m super excited to reach my desired weight! That’s really all the progress I have so far, so in a couple weeks I’ll be back with another update, until then I’ll be sharing tips and tricks that I’ve been coming across throughout my journey.

Now that you’re all caught up lets talk a little about being mentally fit. What does it mean to be mentally fit? Being mentally fit means that you as a person can easily cope with the hardships in life, coping with stress and being able to relax without trying at all. The way I’m trying to quit smoking is just by redirecting my mind and trying to rewire it to fit this criteria. One thing that I find helps me a lot with this goal is working out because when you smoke a cigarette before or after a workout it steals the oxygen that your body needs to grow so when I feel the urge I can do a quick workout to trick my brain into “Get over the urge you can’t smoke anyway because you just worked out and it’d be counter productive.” If you get your brain to see that smoking is counter productive it will become less appealing to you because who wants to be counterproductive? No one that’s who!

This can also help for things other than quitting smoking. Lets say one of you guys are just having a real crappy day at work or there has just been something bothering you that you can’t seem to shake just remember that you don’t need the negativity in your life. You have to keep an agile mind and accurately choose the correct decision of if this isn’t productive for me to be doing this or feeling like this then I need to stop right now. Does that make sense? I Hope so, I think this is where it ends today because I’m running super late on this post and I have to go run some errands but I hope this is helpful for at least one of you guys out there! Have a fantastic rest of the day and i’ll talk to you guys later!!

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